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Finalising wedding plans?


Have you thought about what you like, ie beach, hills rustic setting, winery, hotel, home, destination down south or overseas, etc

Beach - look at Surf Life Saving Clubs& Angling clubs - they usually have a view and are reasonably priced. But remember the Beach is always best in the morning!

Have you considered a brunch or lunch post a beach wedding in the morning?

Venues will be cheaper for breakfast & brunch.

In Perth, between 4-6pm.  the Fremantle Doctor is blowing and hairstyles & split skirts make eye catching photos. Not the best look, but yet it is a very popular wedding time for couples.

Rustic/boho - look in the hills, even in the city there is rustic venues like City Farm where caterers or food trucks are brought in to venue. Dwellingup is popular with several venues including Nanga Bush Camp which includes accommodation in a very rustic bush setting. Water view - River is great, less wind - tennis clubs, yacht clubs and even bowling clubs, many have amazing views and are less expensive then a hotel. Some require you to use their in-house or recommended caterer or others let you bring in outside food providers. Accommodation - if you are having lots of country/interstate visitors then you may choose a venue with accommodation like city, Freo and the hotel will look after everything.There are many reputable hotels that do great weddings and will arrange everything in one venue and that is very appealing to many couples. Home - Why not get everyone to bring a plate, keep it simple or bring in it your ways and share the love with family and friends pitching to make your wedding amazing.


Most celebrants charge between $600 to $800. Some will charge over $1000 and some will be a lot less, but like everything in life, in the end you pay for what you get.

Check they are affiliated with professional body ie AFCC. This means they are accredited & have done their yearly OPD to remain registered. They are also insured.

Your vows must be heard! it is requirement by law, so all good celebrants will have an Excellent PA system (I have Mipro brand which is worth $2500) I also have a hand held microphone to ensure everyone can hear you say your vows and I have head set.

My advice to all couples, is to meet with 2-3 celebrants together in person, you will get a feel over the phone which 2-3 you like. Tell the celebrant what YOU want on YOUR day.

Go together when you meet the celebrant, you both have to feel comfortable sharing such a intimate time with your family and friends.

There are so many inclusions you can have in your wedding ceremony. ie Rituals… including lighting a candle with 2 wicks, could be the 2 mothers or grandmothers symbolising the joining of both families, wine ceremony, planting ceremony etc…will be in more detail in a future blog.

October to April is a very busy time for celebrants & many are booked for 2021 for those months, especially late Feb, March & early April


They are spending a lot of time with you, see several together and go for who you feel comfortable.

Some will offer your photos edited or unedited on a USB stick if on a budget.

Some couples go for the full album and/or 2 photographers to get every angle.

VIDEOGRAPHER - many work in unison with a photographer or separately.

Drones are now popular & can be an added cost for videoing & photos.

Check out my next blog!

If you would like to stay in touch as you are still a long way off from making decisions or wanting any assistance in planning your special day, please feel free to contact me if you would  like to make a no obligation appointment to see if I am the perfect match over a glass of wine or coffee. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook or check out my website and reviews at

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