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The world has changed 😱

Some of you may have had your heart set on a wedding date which no longer is available,☹️

You may have had  to reschedule,🙄

Some were booked now and have had to cancel everything…😭

Some couples may have lost their wedding deposits with vendors 😱😭…this should NOT happen but I know one of my own beautiful couples was to marry this coming  weekend, and  when I last spoke to them, they were unable to contact their vendor, they  are anxious the venue has gone bankrupt.

Some may choose to still marry with the current ruling of weddings must be limited to 5 people, which includes, the wedding couple, two witnesses and the celebrant.

I can easily do this in my own courtyard.

Some couples will want to get married and will do this AND have an amazing party later or even renew their vows amongst family & friends later. ( For those couples I am happy to do both ceremonies for my normal fee.)

These are difficult times and as Vendors, we are also in shock and coping with cancellations of weddings BUT my heart goes out to you all…Most of my booked weddings have managed to change their dates with no loss of deposits or money, except for the couple whose venue may be bankrupt.  They are an amazing couple and are looking at other venues…they still have kept all their other vendors and we will all try and fit in with their new date.

They deserve an amazing day…as my bride said, "She is only marrying once and it is going to be right!"

My own son was married on 21st March, at that stage it was limited to under 100 people, including venue staff…there were many tears.

Difficult decisions had to be made -  majority of vendors involved were very empathetic to their situation & would have let them rebook except for venue as they has already ordered food, so they went ahead with some relatives on FaceTime. 

They lost 2 bridesmaids and the florist was amazing at not charging for those 2 bouquets, yet the florist had already placed her order.

Luckily, we are approaching the end of the wedding season, but if you have not locked in dates and vendors, especially with so many couples needing to rebook…you need to get in quick to save your dates, especially the beginning of 2021. 

So I am now always including the hash tag #Lovewins for all my Instagram & Facebook postings because Love is winning for all of you amazing couples.

Life is tough at the moment for all, some of you may need to scale back on your wedding plans but all of this is beyond our control.

We do live in Australia, especially WA and we are so lucky compared to the rest of the world.

Keep safe, wash your hands for 20 seconds, keep your distance - more importantly stay  at home and if you are involved in Covoid-19,  our hearts go out to you for helping our community.

If you wish to book a time to talk online about your wedding plans, drop me a line.

Or, if you just want to ask a question or advice, please contact me, I would love to help you, regardless if you book with me😄.

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