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Naming Ceremonies

Previously many families christened their child in a church or an alternate faith-based venue.

Today, many parents are choosing a Naming Ceremony soon after their child is born or on or prior to their first birthday.

These ceremonies are a joyous and wonderful way to welcome and introduce your child to family and friends who will surround them with love and support.

Parents choose guardians or mentors who they know will take a keen interest in their child as they grow and become adults. The ceremony highlights their special role as a support in your child’s life.

Naming Ceremonies are also a beautiful and significant way to welcome step children or adopted children into your family.


My Naming Ceremony service includes;

  • Meetings to discuss your Naming Ceremony.

  • Preparation of your Naming Ceremony.

  • Personalised Naming Ceremony certificate.

  • Administration costs and travel within 100km.

  • All-inclusive fee:     $350

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